Super Bright 60 watt Solar Fly Hawk Lights

We make every effort in always providing our customers with the best value and the highest quality and most reliable and durable solar lighting products.

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Our solid experience in the field and the long list of previous projects run, recommend us as a reliable business partner. By choosing our team, you will benefit from our expertise, dedication and high availability throughout your projects. Feel confident that together we will accelerate your lighting projects and your energy improvements and outdoor developments towards a higher efficiency and smarter solar utilization.

12 watt Solar Moons


12 watt Solar Moon

Adjustable Brightness and Timing with Remote Control



Innovative Engineering!
Integrated Modular Design
Combines All Components into One!
Mounting Hardware and Tools Included!

Minimum Assembly / Maximum Versatility 




All Night Overhead

Large Open Area / Parking Area

Street Light / Area Light for

 Commercial Buildings, Large Yards,

Outdoor Work Areas,

Hotels, Resorts, Restaurant Patios,

Parks, Plazas, Waterfronts, Decks, Docks, Walkways, Driveways, Streets, Boulevards,

Farms, Ranches, Residences and More


Wide Ranging Battery-Powered
Off-Grid Applications 

Mounts to Poles or Flat Surfaces


Excellent for Multi-Purpose Uses and Many Types of Locations


Automatic On/Off at Dusk and Dawn

Automatic Battery Charging Each Day


Completely Self-Contained No Wiring or Trenching!


 Solar Moons Include:

Microwave Motion Activation and

Remote Control Capability



Professional Quality



All Aluminum Alloy Construction with Tempered Glass Protective Overlay for the Solar Panel 


Tilt and Swivel Adjustable Solar Panel

 Aims towards the Sun for Maximum Power 


Stays Lit for 2 Nights on a Full Charge

Works Independently Completely Off-Grid

Functions Automatically --Charges Battery by Day and Illumninates during the Night


Mounts onto a Pole or Pipe or Post with U-bolts 

or Attaches to a Flat Surface!


Outstanding Performance!

Great for Remote Locations

Excellent for Disaster Relief



Ideal for Commercial Applications 


Exceptional Solar Lighting for

Industrial Installations,
 Residential Locations,

Public Streets, Parks, Plazas
Docks, Boardwalks, Beaches, Marinas, and More!





Excellent Solar Lighting for Commercial or Residential Installations

Great for Resorts, Parks, Parking Lots, Bike Paths, Hiking Trails, Decks, Patios, Streets, Driveways, 

Walkways and Waterfronts



  Ideal Battery-Powered Off-Grid Solar Lighting

 Natural Disasters 

Emergency Preparedness

 Charitable Aid Organizations


We Ship Worldwide by Air or Ocean Freight 




 Disaster Relief or Public and Private Uses

Disaster Relief

Humanitarian Aid

Solar lighting is often essential where electricity is scarce or service is interrupted...
You can help!


Volume pricing is available and we can handle all of the shipping to many worldwide destinations.  Our solar lights are simple to install, requiring no wiring whatsoever. One push of the recessed button turns the light on, and then our lights work completely automatically, staying lit throughout the night, then charging their built-in batteries during the day.


Using high-end technology, our innovative All-in-Onedesigns incorporate the solar collector, lithium ion batteries, charging and control circuits, and LED lights all into a single uni-body construction made of corrosion resistant aluminum alloy with solar panels protectected with tempered glass.


The IP 65 weatherproof luminaires and street lights provide for a durable and rugged service life with a functional and universal style suitable for many outdoor areas such as street, plaza, market, or outbuilding installations. Batteries should last for about 5 years with nightly use and daily recharging, and they are proprietary and easily replaceable. Solar panels are designed to provide power for about 10 years.


Mount the light onto a flat surface or 60 mm / 2.375" outside diameter pole with the included bracket and 4 bolts and it works automatically -- charging by day and illuminating the night for selected hours or until dawn.


Perfect to use with chain link fencing posts or existing international style 60 mm pipes or street light poles, or clamp on to a piece of wood or bolt onto a flat surface.


Destination country import duty taxes and customs clearance shall be the responsibility of the buyer or the buyer's agent.


Use of these lights in installations outside of the US are covered by the manufacturer's parts only limited warranty (no labor) and please note there is no refundability or product return of any kind.


Please call or e-mail for complete details and international import invoicing, and to make arrangements for volume purchases and shipments.


Residences and Resorts

Homes, Ranches, Resorts, Farms, Parks, Hotels, Restaurants, Patios, Decks, Docks, Marinas, Gardens, and More...


Solar lighting is ideal for hard-to-wire locations that are remote or very expensive to run underground cable to.


Please consider our Solar Street and Area Lighting for bus stops, kiosks, parking lots, fishing piers, rest areas, information stations, hiking trails, walking paths, beaches, public parks and shopping plazas.


Also excellent for properties with lawns, outbuildings, camping facilities, storage sheds, large yards, barns, animal enclosures, horse corrals, and other locations where inexpensive all-night lighting adds convenience, increased value, and usability.


Front yards, back yards, porches, patios, boat docks, decks, piers, pool areas, private drives, walkways, garages, carports, hangars and work shops are all potentially perfect places for solar lighting as well.


These rechargeable, automatic, outdoor overhead lights can provide enhanced safety and security for your property, while increasing your property’s value.


The on-going cost savings and the wireless and simple ease of All-in-One Solar Night Lighting installations perfectly merges practicality with contemporary and sophisticated cutting-edge solar lighting technology for your residential or business or public area applications.


High Tech
High Quality


Durable, Reliable, Cost-Effective, Convenient and Practical


Made to Last

Aluminum Alloy / Tempered Glass


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Bright Night Solar Lighting sells high quality, world class solar street lights for residences, resorts, hotels, restaurants, outdoor cafes, shopping plazas, parking lots, private drives, marinas, docks, decks, waterfronts, golf courses, patios, picnic areas, parks, sidewalks, sporting areas, campgrounds, hiking paths, bike trails, gardens, greens, view points, information stations, kiosks, rest areas, private drives, public street and boulevards, industrial sites, commercial buildings, work areas and work sites, truck depots, staging areas, outdoor amphitheaters, plus many more locations!


Our solar lights are All-in-One designs that integrate the LED lights, solar panel, battery, control charger, and mounting bracket together all into one unit. All of our lights are made from high quality aluminum alloy housings and the solar panels are covered with a protective layer of tempered glass.


Our attention to service and quality has afforded us the opportunity to sell the finest All-in-One Solar Area Lights and Solar Street Lights in the industry. At our company, the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations. We attend to the smallest details to achieve the greatest customer satisfaction.


Do you want to know more about our business and the products we offer? Use our website to get detailed information about all of our solar street and solar area lights. This website is a work in progress and we have more innovative and sophisticated solar lights coming to our inventory constantly.


Whether you have a project needing just a few lights, or a few hundred lights, we can supply your solar lighting needs and ship your solar lights to all destinations throughout the free world. We use fully experienced, highly professional freight forwarders to ship to all continents, and to dozens of countries, both developing and industrialized. We can ship by air, or for larger orders we can ship by sea. Please check our website often to see the latest in our product inventory of All-in-One Solar Street and Area Lights!

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