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At our company, we carry the world's most convenient All-in-One Solar Lights designed for universal use at affordable prices. Whether they are used in remote locations, or on private patios, or within public preserves and parks, our solar lights can increase the enjoyment, use, and value of the properties they illuminate.


Bright Night Solar Lights are shipped directly from the factory in China to seaports, airports, and direct deliveries around the world, using UPS, FedEx, and DHL, thus avoiding unecessary storage charges and extra shipping fees. Our prices are therefore as competitive as possible, and we continuously strive to supply the highest wattage solar lights at the lowet possible prices. Please call for details or to make shipping arrangements for large volume purchases or shipments to countries outside of the USA. 


Take a look at our image gallery above to view some of the items we currently have available for purchase and delivery.

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