10 Watt All-in-One Solar Area Light

This is a superb all-purpose solar light which perfectly matches the look and style of the larger 20 watt and 30 watt lights in this series. It offers the same light color and the same ambience, but covers a smaller area such as a door, gate, garden walk, pathway, park bench, or other small seating area with excellent illumination. Perfect for adding all-night enhanced safety and security to many doorways and sidewalks and gateways and walkways.


The 10 watt All-in-One 1000 Lumen Area Light operates automatically. At dusk, it turns itself on at 300 lumens for 5 continuous hours. After the intial 5 hour period, the battery power conservation program reduces the light output to 150 lumens until dawn, but during this time, an infra-red motion detector will illuminate the light to 1000 lumens whenever peolple are sensed as moving or performing activities nearby. The light will stay in full brigtness mode for many hours as long as the IR sensor detects activity, and the light will return to 150 lumens after 30 seconds of inactivity.


The 10 watt is designed to be installed at a height of 8'-10' feet. It includes an aluminum pole clamp and an integrated mounting bracket. The pole clamp can be used to secure the light to a standard 60 mm or 2 ⅜" pole or pipe or post, and the integrated bracket can also be used to attach the light to a flat surface if preferred.


The 10 watt works great around pool areas and patios, waterfronts and boat docks, sidewalk cafes, courtyards, garages, workshops, sheds, or barn doors, and many other places where a smaller overhead light is useful above a small specific location, such as a kiosk, public telephone, vending area, or information booth. Also excellent on stairways, steps, at vistas and viewpoints, observation stations, outdoor buildings, picnic and patio tables, and rest areas, among many other locations or remote areas inaccessable to electric utility service.


Constructed of aluminum alloy and tempered glass, the 10 Watt All-in-One Solar Area Light has an elegant and handsome appeal but is also ruggedly durable, with a weatherproof rating of IP 65. A powerful 7 watt solar panel charges the 3.7 V replaceable lithium ion battery with approximately 10-11 hours of accumulated direct sunlight when ambient temperatures are above 32°F. Replacement batteries are only available from the factory at this time, and generally last approximately 5 years with everyday use. A fully charged battery can operate the light for up to 3 continuous nights, thereby overcoming 3 days of overcast or rainy weather. There are 24 Epistar Superbright LEDs housed in a mirror-like reflective matrix carefully designed to provide a uniform wide lighting angle of 120°. The light output is a cool white color of 6500K. Light operates in temperatures above -4°F. Can be shipped to many countries around the world; excellent supplies for use in disaster relief, emergency lighting, etc.


The 10 watt is FCC certified for use in the USA, and also CE and RoHS certified for use in the EU. This solar light is not UL Listed or ETL Listed, please note.


Only available in cartons of 4 retail-ready boxes. Carton price $850 includes free delivery in USA.


Carton size: 56 cm x 52 cm x 42 cm, wt. 19.3 kg

Retail box siz: 48 cm x 27 cm x 19.5  cm, wt. 4.7 kg

Product size: 41 cm x 23 cm x  5 cm, wt. 4.1 kg

Mounting bracket height: 15.25 cm

10 watt All-in-One Solar Area Light, Carton of 4
850.00 USD

Imported directly from manufacturing facilities in China. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. For volume discount customers and purchases to countries outside of the USA, please call before ordering for invoicing and shipping arrangements.

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