15 Watt All Around Plaza Light

This is Alternative Energy Engineering at its Finest!


The Palza Lights are truly unique and contemporary and offer the simplest and most economical installation for pole mounted All-in-One outdoor solar lighting.


All-in-One All-Around Plaza Lights use an integrated attachment socket to clamp the light onto a 60 mm or 2" pole, or a standard 4" tall,  2" o.d. vertical pole tenon.


This simple socket style of attachment allows for the use of streetlight poles of any kind, whether wood, steel, concrete, fiberglass or aluminum. Tapered poles, which get progressively thinner towards the top, are recommended to be used for a truly professional appearance.


The 15 Watt has 3 angled LED enclosures protected with durable plastic lenses arranged at 120° intervals to produce a a very bright white circular cone of light. A total of 48 Superbright Epistar LEDs provide 1500 lumens of light, allowing for a recommended mounting height of 10-15 feet. When the light reaches the ground, it illuminates a circular area approximately 30' in diameter. Excellent for public walking paths, sidewalks, shopping plazas, city parks, parking lots, picnic areas, waterfronts, piers, kiosks, amphitheaters, and many other open outdoor locations.


Constructed of high quality aluminum alloy, our Plaza Lights are IP 65 waterproof rated and are weather-ready for many years of outdoor use. They are excellent to use at resorts, marinas, beaches, boat docks, hiking and biking trails, poolside pavillions, schools, play grounds, garden areas, theaters and museums, rest ares, information stations, and many other locations which are often difficult or expensive to supply with underground or overhead utilities.


Plaza Lights are simple to install and work independently and automatically day and night. Starting at dusk, Plaza Lights operate at 100% brightness for the intial 5 hours of the evening, and then reduce their light output to 25% brightness for an additional 7 hours during the night. This intelligent timing program maximizes the available energy by providing ample lighting throughout most of the night while conserving battery power as effectively as possible. With this program design and function, night lighting can be available for up to three consecutive nights on a single full charge, overcoming approximately 3 stormy days of cloudy weather. The batteries fully charge with approximately 9 hours of accumulated direct sunlight when ambient temperatures are above 32° F, and charging takes longer when colder.


The Solar Plaza Light is fully automatic and uses a photosensor to detect darkness, switching on the LED lights at dusk, and turning them off at dawn, or after 12 hours, whichever arrives first. During the day, the batteries charge automatically with direct sunlight and have a longevity of approximately 5 years with continuous daily use.


On top of the light is a powerful 35 watt solar panel, covered with a tough protective overlay of tempered glass, which provides a fade proof shield that is easy to keep clean of any dust and debris when needed.


Weighing 35 lbs., this is a substantial and durable solar light that is engineered and manufactured for maximum relaibilty and years of dependable service. A beautiful improvement for both commercial and residential installations. Operates in temperatures above -4°  F.


This solar light is FCC certified for use in the USA. It is also CE and RoHS certified for use in the EU.


Shipping Box: 33" x 33" x 12", actual wt: 37 lbs. Note: due to the large dimensions of the box, for shipping purposes the dimensional "volume weight" of the box is considered by UPS to be 84 lbs.


Price $749.95 with Free Delivery in the USA.


Backed with a 2-Year Limited Warranty.


Imported from manufacturing facilities in China. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. 


Florida residents please add 6% sales tax.


For international shipments, please phone ahead for custom invoicing.

15 Watt All Around Solar Plaza Light
749.95 USD

Imported from manufacturing facilities in China. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

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