18 Watt Thin Profile All-in-One Solar Street Light / Area Light

An extremely versatile All-in-One Solar Street Light with an Adjustable Pole Attachment.


Tip the light upwards, or straight out, or angle it slightly down. Mount the light upon the top of a pole or off to the side of a pole, either a square pole or round pole.


Purchase a wall mount tenon and mount the solar light directly onto a wall or a flat surface.


The Thin Profile All-in-One Solar Street and Area Light gives you plenty of flexibility.


Instead of using a clamp, the Thin Profile series uses an integrated black aluminum socket attachment that fits directly onto a standard 4" long pole tenon, or directly on top of a  2" or 60 mm standard pole or fence post. This socket mount has a built-in swivel adjustment so the light can be tilted at an upwards angle or installed to be parallel to the ground.


This unique feature sets this aluminum alloy 1800 Lumen All-Night Solar Light apart from many other solar lights. Packed with 60 LEDs in three Plexiglas enclosures and a 22 Watt Solar Panel protected by tempered glass, the 18 Watt LED output has plenty of power and luminosity when mounted at 10'-15' feet.


Sophisticated internal programming has been designed to keep the light illuminated at the maximum 18 watt output for 5 hours after automatically turning on at dusk. After 5 hours, the solar light enters battery conservation mode, and the light output reduces to 20% for approximately 7 seven hours, or until dawn. This late-night lighting still illuminates the area, but dimly to blend with the quieter hours of the night.


During the 20% conservation mode, a built-in infra-red Motion Sensor detects people moving in the light's vicinity and then increases the LED light output to again be at 100% brightness. The light will remain at 100% brightness continuously for a long while as long as there is infra-red sensed motion, and the 1800 lumens will cover a large area when mounted at 10-15' feet. After 30 seconds of inactivity, the light will go back to 20% brightness during the late hours of the night, but will again return to full brightness whenever motion is detected.


Using this innovative power management program, the Thin Profile All-in-One series of lights achieve a lighting time of up to 2 nights on a fully charged battery, overcoming 2 days of rainy or cloudy weather, and they also have a waterproof rating of IP65, so they are manufactured for years of continuous 24/7 outdoor service.


Replaceable long lasting lithium ion batteries attain a full charge with 9-10 hours of accumulated direct sunlight when ambient temperature is above 32° F, slightly longer when colder. Light operates in temepratures above -4° F . Batteries generally last for approximately 5 years.


The attachment socket is pre-installed on either the top side or the bottom side of the light when assembled at the factory, so please specify your preference for the location of the soclet before ordering.


CE and RoHS certified for use in the EU. FCC certified for use in the USA.


USA Price $475 /ea., Includes Free Delivery by Air within the USA.


Imported from China. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. For volume discount customers and purchases to countries other than the United States, please call for custom invoicing and shipping arrangements.


Florida residents please add 6% FL state sales tax.

18 Watt Thin Profile All-in-One Solar Light

Shipped directly from manufacturing facilities in China. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Please choose your attachment socket location preference, on the top side or the bottom side of the light:

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