Improved! 20 Watt Type 1 All-in-One Solar Light

Upgraded from the Older 10 watt Version!

This is a fantastic utilitarian area light designed to be mounted at 10'-15' feet high either onto a 60 mm outside diameter pole or pipe, a standard 2⅜" O.D. pole or pipe, or onto a flat surface. The aluminum pole mounting bracket is included along with the necessary stainless steel mounting bolts. The light is tilted upwards at 15 degrees for maximum illumination. Charges best when the solar panel is facing the south, especially in winter.


Charge time is about 12 hours of accumulated direct sunlight when ambient temperature is above 32° F. and a full charge allows for approximately 1.5 to 2 nights of continuous use, to compensate for up to 2 cloudy or rainy days.


The light functions completely automatically once the recessed on-off switch is turned on. The light operates in the following manner:


During the first 5 hours after dusk, the light is made to illuminate continuously at a constant 600 lumens. The motion sensor mode is not turned on at this time. Then, after this 5 hour period of 600 lumens, the light reduces to 300 lumens for the remainder of the night or until battery's chager gets low, whichever comes first, but it also switches on its motion activation sensor at this time. The motion activation sensor is designed to place the light into its brightest mode of 2000 lumens whenever people or movement or activity is sensed by the detector. This bright light of 2000 lumens will then last for 30 seconds, or stay on continuously for extended periods of time as long as motion is being detected by the sensor.


This timing feature of multiple lighting levels is designed to conserve battery power as much as possible while providing continuous lighting throughout the entire night, as well as to have the brightest lighting mode to be available for long moments when needed during the very late hours of the night. This sophisticated programming can allow the light to be used for as much as 2 to 3 nights on a single full charge, to compensate for up to 3 cloudy or rainy days.


At dawn, or whenever there is enough sunlight to activate the solar panel to begin charging the battery, the LEDs will automatically turn off, and the integrated battery charging circuit will be turned on when the solar panel is in direct, strong sunshine. When it is dark or nighttime again, the automated battery charging mode is no longer on, and the LED lighting mode then resumes.


The 20 Watt was designed to be both rugged and handsome. The outer casing is constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy and both the solar panel and the 48-LED light enclosures are protected by an overlay of toughened, tempered glass. Glass will not fade in the sun, and the solar panels have an expected lifespan of at least 10 years. The long-life lithium ion batteries are replaceable from the factory, and they generally last for approximately 5 years with nightly use and daily recharging.


The entire light is a self-contained "All-in-One" unit with the solar panel on the top, and the LED lights below, and the batteries and automatic charging equipment are housed inside of the IP 65 weather-resistant casing. Even the mounting bracket is incorporated into the chassis.


There are no exposed wires at all, and there is no wiring whatsoever during installation --- simply bolt the light onto a pole or mount onto a flat surface, push the resessed 'on' button with the supplied steel pin, and you're done.


Light operates in temperatures above -4° F.


The 20 watt Type 1 All-in-One Solar Light is CE and RoHS certified for use in the EU.


FCC certified for use in the USA. It does not have UL Listing or ETL Listing Certifications, please note.




Sold only in 2-Pack Cartons containing 2 Retail-Ready Boxed 20 watt Solar Light units each.

Free Shipping to UPS recognized street addresses within the USA.



Price $695 per Carton containing 2 boxed lights, includes Free Shipping in the USA.


Volume Discount Price of  $340 ea. for 4+ lights (2 or more Cartons)


and  $335 ea.  for 10+ solar lights or more (5 or more Cartons)


Please call or e-mail us for further Volume Discount Pricing and International Shipments.


Volume Discount on 20 watt solar lights also Includes Free Shipping in the USA.



Florida residents please add 6% FL state sales tax.


For volume discount customers and purchases to countries outside of the USA, please call before ordering for invoicing and shipping arrangements.


Retail-Ready Individual Box dimensions: 27 cm x 19.5 cm x 85cm, wt. 7.5 kg


Carton of 2 retail-ready boxes, dimensions: 29 cm x 42 cm x 88 cm, wt 15.5 kg




20 Watt Type 1 All-in-One Solar Light

Imported from manufacturing facilities in China. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

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