30 Watt All-in-One Plaza Light

A Spectacular All-in-One Solar Light, Designed for Shopping Plazas, Parks, Parking Lots, Large Outdoor Areas, Waterfronts, and More!



The ingenious design of the super-efficient 30 watt Solar Plaza Light allows for all-night bright light illumination onto very large areas that are otherwise hard to wire or far from electric service.


All-in-One Plaza Lights are perfect for shopping areas, picnic areas, campgrounds, parks, parking lots, information stations and kiosks, patios and decks, boat docks, beaches, waterfronts, fishing piers, hiking trails and viewpoints, amphitheaters, reception areas, green areas and other outdoor venues of all kinds, including golf courses, resorts, hotels, and country clubs.


All-in-One solar lights are also great for rental buildings, bus, tram, and train stations, barns, and other outbuildings, corrals and stables, loading docks and staging areas, private drives and roadways, and maintenance facilities.



Plaza Lights are very unique and sophisticated, and they use a centralized integrated mounting socket which perfectly mounts these lights onto 2⅜” outside diameter poles, or standard 2⅜” pole tenons that are 4" tall, or onto street poles that have a 60 mm top.


This simple mounting system allows for the use of many different poles, and poles made of different materials, such as steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. Because the socket is centralized, there are no balancing or leveling issues. And the intelligent engineering of the central socket mount replaces the need to purchase additional support arms or brackets, increasing the economy and efficiency of your purchase while supplying 360° of light all around.


30 watt Plaza Lights are very bright, with an output of 3000 lumens, and are designed to be mounted at 14 to 18 feet high. From this height they cast a bright circle of light on the ground below that is approximately 30’ in diameter. We have excellent all-aluminum poles available for these Plaza lights that are a direct fit --- there are no wires, or brackets whatsoever, simply place the light on the pole's top, tighten the set screws, and you're done.


All of our All-in-One Plaza Lights work automatically, coming on at dusk with 100% brightness for the first 5 hours of the night, and then they reduce their output to 25% brightness for 7 hours, for a total illumination time of 12 hours, or until dawn, whichever comes first. This intelligent programming helps to ensure a reserve of battery power that will keep the light working through approximately three consecutive nights, thus overcoming rainy or cloudy days that would otherwise leave the battery discharged after just one night.


A large 60 watt solar panel covers the top of the light and is capable of fully charging the battery each day with about 10-12 hours of accumulated direct sunlight when ambient temperatures are above 32°F, slightly longer when colder. Daytime charging is completely automatic and continuous in direct sunlight until a full battery charge is accrued. The solar panel is protected with a tough overlay of tempered glass, to guard against hail and stormy weather. Tempered glass will not fade in the sun, and the working life of the solar panel is rated at 10 years. 


While all solar panels need to face the sun, the Plaza Lights' unique circular solar top gathers sunlight from the open sky without tilting and without being visible from below. This arrangement is excellent when installing several solar lights within a landscape, as their uniform round design and consistent matching appearance compliments many architecturally significant environments as well as offering aesthetic appeal to natural conservation areas and public parks and green areas and fairways.


All Plaza Lights housings are constructed of aluminum alloy for long lasting durability and corrosion resistant finishes. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries are included and have a typical longevity of about 5 years with continuous daily / nightly usage, and the batteries are easily replaceable by qualified electrical repair persons.


The 30 watt All-in-One Solar Plaza Light operates whenever the temperature is above -4°F.

Aluminum poles are available for mounting these lights, both internationally and in the USA.

CE and RoHS Certified for use in the EU. FCC Certified for use in the USA.


With Free Shipping within the USA: $1450


Florida Residents Please add 6% Sales Tax.

30 Watt Plaza Light
1,450.00 USD

Imported directly from manufacturing facilities in China. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. For volume discount customers, and purchases to countries outside of the USA, please call before ordering for invoicing and shipping arrangements.

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