Upgraded! 30 Watt All-in-One Type 1 Solar Street / Area Overhead Light


Our Most Popular Solar Light!


This is an extremely useful All-in-One All-Night Solar Light designed to give a lot of light to a large area when mounted 10-16' high. Perfect for outdoor work areas, parking lots, or recreation sites.


Integrated mounting bracket attaches onto a standard 2⅜" pole or a tenon of 6" in length, or onto a standard 60 mm pole. Can be mounted to either a vertical or horizontal pole. The bracket also doubles as a flat surface mounting plate, so the light can be mounted onto a wall, or a flat plate, solid fence, or a beam, etc. Bolt pattern is 105 mm wide by 110 mm vertical.


Light is fully automatic in operation. A photosensitive circuit turns the light on at dusk at 500 lumens and continues at this reduced light level until dawn, unless the Motion Sensor detects people moving nearby. Motion activation engages the light into 100% full brightness 3000 lumen mode, which is 30 watts, and the light can stay fully bright at 3000 lumens continuously with constant motion or activity, and it will go back to 500 lumens whenever motion activity stops, for the duration of the battery' charge.  This is a new and improved version on a previous model and its full brightness is now 50% brighter than before. This new lighting program conserves battery power at a constant 500 lumens when the light is not being used, and allows the light to stay at maximum 3000 lumen brightness for extended periods of time when it is needed for people working or recreating in the vicinity. The photosensitive circuit turns the light off at dawn and automatically begins the charge cycle of the battery during each day.


Excellent for both commercial and residential applications.


Contains 3 lithium ion replaceable batteries with a general longevity of approximately 5 years.


Light requires about 9-10 hours of accumulated direct sunlight to fully charge when ambient temperature is above 32° F, slightly longer when colder. Operates for about 2 nights on a full charge, thus being able to overcome 2 rainly or cloudy days. Light operates in temperatures above -13° F .


CE and RoHS certified for the EU. FCC Certified for use in the USA.

USA Price $599 /ea., with Free Delivery in USA by Air.


For volume discount customers and purchases to countries outside of the USA, please call before ordering for invoicing and shipping arrangements.


Florida residents please add 6% FL state sales tax.

30 Watt All-in-One Type 1
599.00 USD

Imported from manufacturing facilities in China. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

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