9 Watt All-in-One All-Around Solar Light for Plazas and Walkways and More...

Here's where innovation and imagination improve efficiency and can enhance the beauty and the atmosphere of your total environment. Plaza lights beautifully illuminate large open areas with a cone of light!


Practicality and economy of installation have been featured in the designs of the 360° All-in-One Plaza / Walkway All-Around Solar Lights Series.


Plaza Lights are manufactured in 3 convenient sizes of 9 watt, 15 watt, and 30 watt, so that the unique theme of the round motif can be continuous throughout a condominium development, hotel, resort, mall, museum, or shopping area. Plaza Lights are perfect for patios, parks and picnic areas, playgrounds, view points, hiking trails, bike paths, boat docks, decks, boardwalks, beaches, marinas, and more.


The 9 watt light is constructed of aluminum alloy and has a weatherproof rating of IP65 for continuous outdoor use. A 15.6 watt moncrystaline solar panel covers nearly all of the circular top, and the entire solar panel is protected by an overlay of tempered glass, which completely covers the lighting fixture's top side. No orientation is necessary with the flat solar panel, so a series of lights will maintain a  uniform appearance throughout the placement or landscape. There are no exposed wires whatsoever, and installation itself is completely wireless: simply push the recessed on/off button and the light functions grid-free, all on its own.


Three Ultra Bright Epistar LED enclosures are protected by tough clear plastic and are spaced at 120° intervals, creating an overlapping cone of light that pleasantly illuminates a circular area below. Light output is a total of 900 lumens, and the color temperature is 6000-6500K.


Two replaceable lithium ion batteries power the light up to 3 nights on a full charge, overcoming 3 days of rainy or cloudy weather. Batteries attain a full charge after approximately 10 hours of accumulated direct sunlight when above 32° F, longer when colder. Average longevity of the batteries is approximately 5 years.


The 9 watt is fully autonmatic and turns itself on at dusk and off at dawn. It recharges itself by day with the sun. 


Light output is programmed to illuminate initially at 100% brightness for 5 hours, followed by 25% brightness for 7 hours or until dawn, whichever arrives first. Unlike many of our other walking path lights and area lights, the Plaza Series All-in-One Solar Lights do not incorporate motion sensor activation back to bright light, so the light-level of a plaza or promenade or a parking lot will remain consistent and continuous throughout the night.


The 9 watt Plaza Light is designed to fit on top of a standard 60 mm pole or a 2 ⅜" tenon, or even a PVC pipe, or a wooden post, using its integrated slip fitter socket with its series of set screws. Recommended installation height is 3-4 meters or 10'-12' feet high. Operates in temperatures above -4° F.


CE an RoHS certified for use in the EU, FCC certified for use in the USA.


Shipped in Cartons of  2 each only. Each Solar Plaza Light is packaged in its own Retail-ready box.


Each Carton contains 2 Retail-ready boxed 9 watt Solar Plaza Lights.


Florida residents please add 6% FL state sales tax.


Price, with free delivery to USA: $945 per 2-pack carton.


2-Pack Carton GW: 16 kg, Volume Wt: 24 kg

Package size: 58cm x 58cm x 44cm

9 Watt All-in-One Solar Plaza Light, Carton of 2
945.00 USD

Imported directly from manufacturing facilities in China. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. For volume discount customers and purchases to countries outside of the USA, please call before ordering for invoicing and shipping arrangements.

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