The Solar Moon


12 Watt All-in-One Frosted Globe Solar Light with 1800 Lumens


Aluminum Bracket Mounts to a Flat Surface or to a Round Pole

Stainless Steel Pole Straps Included


Fantastic Amount of Bright Light with Super High Tech Bridgelux LED Chips Producing 160 lumens/watt


Plus the Light is Projected 360° in All Directions Offering Maximum Efficiency


Adjustable Tilt and Swivel Solar Panel Allows for Many More Installation Location Possibilities than Other Solar Lights


Highest Quality Monocrystaline 40 Watt Solar Panel Fully Protected with Tempered Glass


USA Price: 2-Pack for $695


Available in 2-Packs Only, with Two Solar Moons in One Carton


Includes Free Delivery in USA


Excellent for Commercial or Residential Use!


Classic Style Meets Contemporary Innovation!



The Solar Moon is a unique and very bright All-in-One Solar Light that offers an adjustable tilt and swivel solar panel, giving you more choices of where to install your light, allowing for maximizing solar efficiency and placement versatility. The classic globe-shaped PMMA acrylic lens cover casts white light 360° all around, and it's light output is very bright and plentiful when mounted at 8' - 12' above the ground.


Each and every component of the Solar Moon's sophisticated compact construction incorporates high tech solar lighting design and engineering.


There are six pre-programmed lighting schemes to choose from, and all of the functions are easy to change with a user friendly remote control device.


You can select a timer function to have the light at 100% brightness, which is 12 watts, for 4 hours, after which time it will shut itself off. Or you can you select motion-only and have the built-in microwave motion sensor turn the light on automatically with its brightest mode for 20 second intervals whenever movement is sensed, and this will be continuous with constant motion...Or you can have the light stay in reduced 25% brightness mode all the way until dawn, with motion activation back to 100% brightness with movement or activity.


The Solar Moon uses microwave motion sensing technology which reaches about 18' away from the light and has greater sensitvity than typical infra-red motion detectors. The Solar Moon will stay on continuously in bright mode for an extended time if people and activity are present and are able to be sensed by the motion sensor.


Very high-efficiency Bridgelux LED chips allow for brighter output at lower wattages, which conserves battery power, and this allows for an extended time of bright light mode when needed for activities.


The powerful 25 watt monocrystaline solar panel is fully protected with a tempered glass overlay, and charges the battery in about 6 hours of accumulated direct sunlight. The replaceable lithium ion battery provides enough energy to operate the light for up to 2 nights on a full charge, so the light is capable of overcoming a day of rainy or cloudy weather.


A super-strong PMMA acrylic lens cover beautifully diffuses the light to illuminate a wide area, while it also reduces unnecessary glare, and provides a shatter-resistant and waterproof enclosure for the Bridgelux LED chips inside.


The strong and rigid aluminum alloy bracket mounts easily onto a flat surface or onto a pole, and being corrosion-resistent, it can maintain its aluminum appearance for years to come. The included hardware consists of 4 stainless steel mounting bolts which are equiped with concrete wall anchors for secure installation onto concrete walls, and stainless steel pole straps are also provided to secure the light onto a pole whether wood or metal or fiberglass.


The replaceable long life lithium ion battery is included and has a general longevity of about 5 years with daily use.


The Solar Moon is CE and RoHS certified for use in the EU, and it is FCC certified for use in the USA.

Sold Only in Cartons Containing 2 Lights Each.


USA Price with Free Delivery:


12 watt : 2-Pack of 2 Complete Solar Moon Lights for $695


Florida residents please add 6% FL state sales tax



The 12 watt Solar Moon All-in-One Solar Light, Price Includes Two Complete Solar Moon Lights in One Carton, with Free Shipping in the USA
695.00 USD

Imported directly from manufacturing facilities in China. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. For volume discount customers and purchases to countries outside of the USA, please call before ordering for invoicing and shipping arrangements.

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