The Solar Night Hawk                                  Truly Intelligent Solar Lighting Innovation !

The All-in-One Solar Night Hawk brings you an extremely bright and useful solar light with an amazing design! The solar panel of the Solar Night Hawk can tilt and swivel to be pointed towards the sun, while its super-bright LED light can be pointed in the direction it is needed!


This characteristic makes the Solar Night Hawk ideal for many locations: from remote natural green areas to public parks, parking lots, and city streets.


Solar lighting saves money on cabling and trenching costs in hard-to-wire locations!


Compact, sophisticated, rugged and durable, here is an ingenious achievement of new technology: The Solar Night Hawk. These lights are designed to be extremely simple but brilliant in their affordability, ease of installation, super high efficiency, and their inexpensive and automatic operation.


These lights mount directly onto 10" of the end of a metal pole, which can be a tube or a pipe measuring from 2" to 3" in outside diameter. The central sleeve of the Night Hawk slips over 10" of the pipe, and is clamped in place using a series of set-screws built into the sleeve.


There is no need for a bracket or an additional support arm of any kind.


Once again we are introducing a new light that incorporates the unique feature of combining the tilt and swivel solar panel with the all aluminum alloy body of the light itself. This well-engineered feature allows for the light to be mounted and aimed in nearly any direction, while the large monocrystaline solar panel can be adjusted independently to be facing the sunniest part of the sky.


Solar Night Hawks are excellent workhorses of great durability and rugged dependability. The large solar panels provide an 18% solar conversion efficiency rating, and they are completely covered with an aluminum-framed tempered glass overlay, providing them with toughened glass protection from the elements of hail and dust, and other weather extremes.


The powerful and replaceable lithium ion batteries fully recharge with approximately 7 hours of accumulated direct sunlight when temperatures are above 32° F, longer when colder. The Solar Night Hawk lights are designed to  operate for up to 2-3 nights on a full charge, thus overcoming 2-3 rainy or cloudy days. This is an exceptional asset to have installed in areas where storm intensity or other natural disasters can leave electricity off for days at at a time. The batteries have an amazing average longevity of approximately 5 years with continuous daily use.


Ultra bright and super efficient Bridgelux LED chips provide an amazing 160 lumens/watt of light output, which is tremendous illumination for this type of technology. Fitted with 60 pieces of these LED chips, the 40 Watt version of the Solar Night Hawk is able to achieve an output of 5600 lumens, which is approximately comparable to a 350 watt incandescent light bulb! 


Solar Night Hawks are available in 3 versions : 20 Watt, 30 Watt and 40 Watt lights.


Each light incorporates a photo detection technology that automatically turns the light on at dusk and then off again at dawn. The 20 watt and 30 watt versions of Solar Night Hawk lights are timed to illuminate initially at 100% brightness for the first 5 hours of the night, and then they will reduce their brightness to 50% for 7 hours during the remainder of the night. But while in the 50% reduction period, on the 20 and 30 watt versions, a built-in microwave-based motion-detection sensor will return the light to its maximum 100% brightness whenever movement is detected within a range of approximately 15' to 25' from the light itself. The light will then enter bright mode for 20 seconds with detected movement, but bright mode will also remain continuous for a long time whenever constant activity is sensed in the vicinity.


The 40 watt version also illuminates initially for 5 hours of 100% brightness, followed by 7 hours of 50% brightness through the remainder of the night. A motion detector is not used on the 40 watt light due to its very tall mounting height and the brightness of its light.


Lights are designed to be mounted from 12' - 24' high (4-8 meters).

Recommended spacing distance between poles is 33'- 78' (10-24 meters).

Operating temperature range is -4° F to 140° F (-20° C to 60° C).


The Solar Night Hawk is FCC certified for use in the USA, and also CE and RoHS certified for use in the EU.




Prices, including free delivery within the USA:


40 watt Solar Light with 60 LEDs and 100 watt Solar Panel and 5600 lumens for $875

Optional Upgrade to 120 watt Solar Panel add $50


30 watt Solar Light with 60 LEDs and 80 watt Solar Panel and 4200 lumens for $775

Optional Upgrade to 100 watt Solar Panel add $50 --- this upgrade requires use of 40 watt version charge controller and loss of remote and 6-mode options on 30 watt version only when upgrading to larger panel


20 watt Solar Light with 40 LEDs and 65 watt Solar Panel and 2800 lumens for $675

Optional Upgrade to 80 watt Solar Panel add $50



Florida residents please add 6% FL state sales tax

The Solar Night Hawk, please choose 20w, 30w, or 40w below

Imported directly from manufacturing facilities in China. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. For volume discount customers and purchases to countries outside of the USA, please call before ordering for invoicing and shipping arrangements.

The Solar Night Hawk
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