40 Watt All-Night Walkway Lights


Get High Power Brightness and High Performance Endurance with All-Night All-in-One Solar Lighting for City Sidewalks, Parks, Plazas, Parking Lots, Promenades, Shopping Malls, Piers, Waterfronts and More...


40 watt Walkway Lights are exceptionally bright and designed for maximum lighting performance and to be illuminated All Night. This is accomplished with an intelligent combination of 30% lighting at all times, or 12 watts, combined with temporary motion activation to 100%, or the full 40 watts, when people are sensed by the motion detector. With this sophisticated timing and programming, Walkway Lights are designed to store enough battery reserve power to be able to function normally for approximately 3 consecutive nights on a single full charge.


Handsome, durable, and practical, these aluminum alloy and lights are mounted directly onto poles and can pivot up to 20 degrees to provide exceptional lighting for outdoor areas. Their top surface solar panels are covered with a protective overlay of tempered glass to provide tough protection from the weather.


Excellent to use on walking paths, parking lots, or rest areas where people are moving and walking along a sidewalk.




40 watt Solar Walkway Light
695.00 USD

Ships directly from manufacturing facilities in China. Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery. Free UPS / DHL delivery in USA. International orders please call or write for custom invoicing.

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